Saturday, February 7, 2009

And yet more doll clothes blather

The little Nordic Sweater (pattern in Knit and Crochet Accessories for 18" Dolls, design by Cici Reihl) came out even more beautifully than I expected. It fits very well, and though I worried that it would not go on the doll easily, it does (as long as you put it on over her head, not from the feet, as I tried the first time). I have not been able to find any mini clasps for the opening, but the sweater looks fine without them. I worked up a matching hat for the sweater(there was no pattern, I just sort of improvised).

Here's my next doll knitting project- this adorable cabled sweater is available from Berroco: . I believe I will cast it on today.

I've still been sewing. I experimented with ironing t-shirt fabric to freezer paper in order to print on it, but could not get the sheets to feed into my printer (that method works fine with muslin, so the knit fabric must be too thick. Or something). I'll have to get some printable iron-on transfer sheets instead. On reflection, that would work better anyway- I can print many doll-size graphics on a single sheet, and then place them wherever I want on the fabric.

I finished the last patchwork quilt (to match the pink bedroom), and then made 3 sets of summer clothes for the 3 dolls. And in a fit of total goofiness, I cut up an old pair of Sponge Bob jammies, and turned them into doll jammies. I was very surprised that it took nearly all of the SB fabric to make 3 sets of pj's.

And finally, these are big PDF files, and I have no idea if they're complete or will print out correctly, but here's a link for some American Girl sewing patterns that are no longer available: .


Marlyn said...

I saw that Aran pattern in the Berocco newsletter yesterday, and I was wondering if you'd be making it!

bedstemor said...

Kathleen, I'm searching all over the internet for the pattern book with the Nordic sweater in it for the 18" dolls. Can you help me find it, please!?