Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mini Nordic

How's this for adorable? I finished the body of the little Nordic doll sweater (to fit an 18" American Girl style doll) last night. I found the instructions for shaping the neckline confusing, and am not sure I followed them correctly, and I opted to bind off all the sts, rather than try to reinforce the steeks with the stitches still on the needle for a 3-needle bind-off. Oh, and I worked the front opening steek in vertical lines rather than checkerboard patterning, because I find it easier to sew the steek reinforcement that way (so much handier to know which stitch I'm aiming for when they're in nice, neat, color-coded stacks).

I am concerned that the front opening won't give the sweater enough ease for an 8 year old to get it on the doll, but we'll see how that goes later on. For some reason that I cannot discern, the sleeves are supposed to be worked flat and I refuse to do that (Fair Isle, even super simple Fair Isle, back and forth- aieeee!). I'll use dpns instead.

There is no corresponding hat pattern to go with this sweater, but it should be easy enough to work one out. This sweater needs a hat. And leg warmers.

Oh, I'm using leftover yarn from merino that I hand-dyed for my daughter-in-law's Erin sweater (Alice Starmore).
P.S. Chuck's 3-d effects were lame, which makes me sad because I love that show. However, Heroes is back to Season One Awsome!


Anonymous said...

That doll is going to be the best dressed doll EVER!!!
Great sweater!!

LizzieHelen said...

Love the colors!