Monday, June 1, 2009

Nap Time

2/3 of the Grandkids are here for a week. It's been awhile since they visited for an extended period. I forgot about Nap Time- the one hour in the day when all is quiet and I can tend to blog duties. It goes by quickly, so I'll make this fast.

My dear daughter in law (and I do not say that ironically), gave me a pile of fabrics that she thought she was going to use and then didn't. I feel a tropical quilt coming on.

And some other fun fabrics, most of which coordinate with the Tropicals, which is nice.

And I finished one Firefly mitered sock cuff, and have started on the mate. I'll finish both cuffs before going on to the heels/soles/toes.

Uh oh, I hear some little footsteps on the stairs. Better run. Will check in as I can.

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