Friday, September 18, 2009

The Field Report and NCFF

There is no candy in the world as sweet and wonderful as a fresh tomato, especially one that has been sliced and parked on a Himalayan Salt block for a couple of minutes. We planted 3 tubs of tomatoes on our deck this spring, and they are finally yielding some deliciousness. We won't have enough to can or preserve, so we're just eating them as they ripen. And loving every bite.

The soybeans are starting their dry-down stage. The field is almost all yellow, and the plants are getting ready to drop their leaves. The 3-bean fuzzy pods aren't anywhere near harvest yet, though they're a little past their optimuum taste (these aren't food beans anyway- they'll dry for seed, or for oil processing). The plants will die down completely over the next month or so.

This weekend is NCFF (link to the right of the page). I am still working on my All Day Fair Isle workshop handout, which I will teach tomorrow (Procrastination is my middle name, you can look it up- though in my favor, I have been toiling on workshop prep for months, I just sort of forgot which one I would be teaching first). However, the samples are done, as are the first rows of the hat that I will knit along with the class.We'll all knit the smaller version, using just two colors of yarn (one solid, and one variegated or striping). I'm teaching this same class at SAFF (link also to the right), but that class is full already. I think there are openings at NCFF for this workshop, so if you'll be in Watertown SD tomorrow, and are interested, stop in.

And even if you aren't interested in my workshop, if you're in Watertown, stop in anyway. NCFF is a wonderful, small fiber festival. I go every year and have a fantastic time. I'll be leaving very early tomorrow morning, and not getting back until late, and then leaving again on Sunday (for more NCFFing, and a booksigning), so I may not post here until late Sunday, or Monday. I'm entering this in the Handspun Sweater competition. Wish me luck.


mrae said...

Have a Great time at NCFF

Chery said...

Your sweater is beautiful. It should win all the prizes for its category. Wish I was travelling north from Missouri soon. I'd love to meet up with you.

MorningGlory said...

I was reading Parade today in my Sunday paper and there in an article about Crafts called Sew in Love was a mention of The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor. I got so excited! It is amazing how I think I know you now. You seem like a dear friend. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Angeliner Mediner said...

What beautiful examples of Fair Isle! I'm totally inspired to take a whack at it. :)