Saturday, September 5, 2009

Graduated Color Band Samples, Booksigning tomorrow, and the last gasp of summer

I finished knitting the samples for my Graduated Color Band Dyeing class at SAFF. Students will have the option of choosing either of these colorways, and dyeing their yarn in one larger ball (for the hat), or two smaller balls (for the mittens). Patterns for both will be included in the handout. The class is filling up, only a couple more slots open, and I am really getting excited about visiting North Carolina.

I still have some more knitting for class samples- a larger hat for the All-Day-Fair Isle class, which I am teaching at NCFF and SAFF (the SAFF class is full), and 1 1/2 socks for the No-Wrap-Short-Row-Heel class at SAFF. After that, I may get to play with some of the yarns I bought at the Sock Summit. On the other hand, I may be working on The Big Honkin' Project With The Nightmare Inducing Deadline by then. We'll see.

Tomorrow, I have my first official appearance for The Big Book of Socks. I'll be at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, from noon-5:00 pm. At 2:00, I'll be giving a little talk on felting, and showing samples from I Heart Felt, but mostly I'll be sitting there, knitting (and sneaking away for a funnel cake) and talking to anyone who stops by. I do believe that Kelly (from the South Dakota Natural Colored Wool Studio) will be there with books to sell, which will be lovely.  I'll take pics.

It has been a long, and odd summer. It's been too cold to swim lately, but for the last gasp of summer, I turned the pool heater on, and the Grandgirls and I plan to splash much of the weekend away, even if it is chilly outside. The leaves are already losing color, and the mornings are hazy. I'm posting this morning's sunrise mostly to show you all how green it still is here. Usually by now, things are dead and brown and dusty- not lush and still growing. Like I said, an odd summer.

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