Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Tab- Whitman Nurses Three, 1965

No Snark on Whitman's Nurses Three (published 1965). I thought this set was uncut when I bought it and was a bit disappointed to find that it was partially cut (it was my fault btw, for not reading the listing carefully. I wasn't cheated). But that disappointment didn't last- this is one of the most beautifully drawn 60's sets that I own. The clothes are perfect for the era (though I doubt most nurses were quite that glamorous), and they fit sisters Tracy, Kelly, and Penny Scott perfectly (something that is, unfortunately, more rare than it should be).
I'm uploading the covers today, the dolls and their clothes. Next week, I'll upload the rest of the folder illustrations, and bits and pieces about the accompanying book series (about which I will have some snark- oh my lordy, they're pretty  awful).
(okay, maybe a little snark- that little boy looks mighty worried about that thermometer...) (and maybe a little more- what do you think Penny has in mind for the fella in the wheelchair? )


Mary Keenan said...

Okay, I'm giggling - the girls do look a bit like they have some evil intentions - but those clothes look fantastic!!!

Els said...

LOVE the stethoscope, furs and jewels on the same page! Har!