Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Frost, Finished Samples, Henery The Eighth He is

We had our first light frost this morning- it was 32.5 F when I got up. And foggy. The wind wasn't blowing, and I can generate enough heat as I run to make up for the chill, but I'd rather that drivers see me from more than 5' away, so it was back to the basement. At least I get to listen to Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White from Librivox, though I am remembering my irritation with Walter Hartright for not seeing (for never seeing, more's the pity) that Marian Halcomb is the far superior sister.

After exercise, and my online work and play obligations are completed (what? reading blogs and playing Pyramid Solitaire, and taking care of myFarm are obligations. Says so right in the book of Online Obligations. You can look it up), I've been watching a backlog of TV shows stored on the new DVR. It would save a lot of time if I would consistently remember that I don't have to watch the recorded commercials. I finished the adult Fair Isle Class sample hat* yesterday, and love how it came out. I've cast on the class knitalong hat, but I only have to do the first 10 rows of that, and then it goes in my suitcase for the SAFF trip.

I thought that I was done with Tudor Excesses, but another DVD arrived from Blockbuster- a 2004 version of Henry and his Chickies, starring Ray Winstone, and Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn. The first disc was a bit Kathryn and a lot Anne, as it probably should be. I understand The Final Four are all crammed into the last disc, which is probably also how it should be, though I have developed a fondness for Anne of Cleves. I am enjoying this version- Ray Winstone looks like I expect Henry to look (Johathon Rhys Meyers is pretty, but not exactly like the old portraits of Hank), and Helena Bonham Carter is a good Anne (though not quite as good as Natalie Dormer, who actually made me cry, before they cut her head off). This Henry seems to be a balance of oaf/king/man/monster. Eventually, I suppose I'll run out of filmed versions of this story, and will have to move on to another royal jumble... maybe the Ptolemys.

*P.S. to those who have asked: the pattern for the All Day Fair Isle hat is only available right now if you take the class. But it's based on the Stranded Picot Hem Snowflake Hat that is a freebie here on the blog. The original uses smaller yarn and needles, and more stitches than the class sample.


grandma13 said...

Thanks for the pattern, I know what I will be doing this weekend.
Have fun in Fargo on Saturday - I was there last weekend and it was beautiful - sounds like Minnesota may get our first frost tonight ---

Anonymous said...

What farm do you play and take care of on the internet? I am trying my first two color knitting.