Saturday, September 12, 2009

Knitters Etc., First Fall Meeting

I love my knitting group. I can't remember if it was '01 or '02, when I started going to the monthly meetings of Knitters Etc., up in Aberdeen at The Red Rooster, but I have only missed two or three get-togethers since then (and only when I had scheduling conflicts that could not be shuffled). As you might imagine, knitting is a priority for me, and outside of GrandGirls who occasionally pick up needles in between painting their toenails, watching TV, and giggling, I don't know anyone in my daily life who knits- so meeting with other knitters is one of the joys of my life.

The ladies (men are welcome, but none have joined us so far) of Knitters Etc., entertain, inspire, and commiserate with each other every month. We've been through illnesses, injuries, floods, job changes, good times and bad together. We laugh a lot, and sometimes we cry. We are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, students, teachers, nurses, doctors, business owners, workers, retired, just starting out, young, and not quite as young as we used to be. We are knitters, crocheters, quilters, and embroiderers. We are beginners and we are experts. We are friends.

Which is why The Big Book of Socks is dedicated to Betty Clay, who is the life-blood of our group, and Dana Locken, who invited me to join, and to all of the wonderful friends who meet, laugh, and knit together every month.

So yesterday, at the first fall meeting of Knitters Etc, after everyone passed around their show and tell projects, and talked about their summer vacations, and after Betty gave me the most gorgeous corsage, I gave eveyone a copy of The Big Book of Socks.

I am so lucky to know each and every one of these wonderful women.

Pat, Jean, Karen, Heidi
Betty, Deb, Nancy, Dana
Dana, Laura, Tammy, Jo, Heidi
Betty, me, Dana
R-L on the couch: Roberta, Sue, Ginger (who didn't want me to take her pic), in the back, Esther, Amanda, LaRheta; on the other couch: Pat
Sitting: Heidi, Jo, Tammy, Laura, Marcia; Standing: Dana, Nancy, in the background: some guy wondering what the heck all these women are doing
Beautiful flowers
P.S. And I wore my needles-through-the head. Someone took a pic, which I will upload if she sends it to me.

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N. Maria said...

You are one talented woman! Your group sounds so much like ours here in Chehalis at Yarn 'N Things. We are the same in fiberland but different individually. A great group that meets every Friday.