Monday, September 7, 2009

Food on a Stick

Is there a rule that all food prepared at a State Fair, must be on a stick? I had a corndog for lunch (stick, natch). I saw battered, deep fried dill pickles on a stick. Chicken and pork on a stick (okay, those weren't especially surprising). And for supper, I ate Walleye on a stick. It was quite good, but I can't for the life of me figure out why sticks were involved.

And those foods that weren't stickified, were definitely fried. Including cheesecake.

I did indulge in one of the Midwest's most dangerous treats: the Funnel Cake. For the un-funneled: sweet batter is drizzled directly onto bubbling oil. The wormy mass is fried, turned, and fried some more, drained (not much, however), and then covered with powdered sugar and served on a paper plate (it takes up the whole plate). You eat them with your fingers. I put in a heroic effort, but I could not finish more than half of mine, and I was buzzed from the sugar all afternoon (I have not eaten that many carbs in one sitting in two years).

And then for supper, I had the aforementioned Walleye, and some cinnamon roasted pecans, still hot from the roaster (the ingredient they don't mention in the cinnamon roasted pecan title? sugar. lots of it)

In between carb loading, I had a really lovely afternoon. I sat stuff out on a table, within sight of Kelly and Marie from South Dakota Natural Colored Wool Studio , whose booth featured not only things from their store, but items from our guild as well. Kelly and Marie also gave a Sheep-to-Shawl demo, which was fun to watch.

I spread projects from I Heart Felt , and Yarns to Dye For on the table, and then displayed a copy of Knit One, Felt TooAll New Homespun Handknit , and of course The Big Book of Socks . I don't have any of the socks from BBoS to show, but I managed to work it into the conversation anyway... heh... I talked to knitters of all ages, and it was great fun. I also signed a few copies of my mysteries and explained to people why I'm not writing them at the moment (no publisher, very busy with knitting books- though being at a carnival always puts me in a Delphi mood).

I also got to meet TwinKnitting from Ravelry (I forgot to bring my knitting needle headband). And when I wasn't talking, or eating sugar, I finished my well-traveled Airplane Sock! And cast on the mate.

The weather was mild (warmish but not terrible, dry, and not too windy), the drive was uneventful (not always the case during Fair Week), and I did have a little time to see a few of the exhibits.
And a couple of things you don't usually see at the South Dakota State Fair.

All in all, it was a very good day. So, Fair, if you want me back next year, give me a  call.


MorningGlory said...

My goodness, you have had a fun summer! One of my favorite treats is that delicious Funnel Cake. That is what I always get at Dollywood.Sad to say I can eat the whole thing by myself! Yum!

Geek Knitter said...

Funnel Cake... oh nomnomnomnom.

I think it took three of us to get through one at the county fair this year, but it was totally worth it!

Diane said...

Can't believe you forgot the needles thru the head!! Too bad...