Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sometimes, auctions are sad events- when the owner has died, or is facing financial difficulties and must sell everything. But yesterday, I went to a happy auction. My friend Lorah is now a Pastor at a small church 10 miles away, and so she and her family have moved to a Parsonage in that town. The new house is much smaller than the house they own in town here. So in addition to selling that house, Lorah decided to auction off her excess stuff.

And what excess stuff it was- tons of antique furniture (Lorah has good taste), area rugs, and many many quilts (again, excellent taste). Some of the items went for a lot of money, and some were bargains. For a total of $38.76, I got the following:

Okay, I wasn't even bidding on the cookie cutters, but the auctioneer bundled a couple of boxes together. I'm keeping a few of the bigger metal ones, but not all of them

And I don't want any of the plastic cookie cutters (there are at least 25). If anyone wants these (and the leftover metal ones), e-mail me, and I'll send them to you. First person to contact me gets the lot (minus the 5 I'm keeping). (Note: cookie cutters are now spoken for)

This isn't what I was bidding on either, but it will be fun to put together with Grands.

We're getting closer to my purpose in bidding- the little books were a bonus, but 3 of those paper doll books are uncut, and the Little House set is partially uncut (they're all too new for posting here, but they'll be fun for the Grands to play with)

And these weren't the purpose of the bid either (I didn't see them in the bottom of the box until I got home), and I would be far more excited about these miniature paper doll sets if I hadn't made them in the first place, for Lorah's daughter (who is now grown up and heading off to college in the fall). I'm glad to have them back.

These were the purpose of the bid (ignore the mop-top doggie in the left hand corner, I'm babysitting the Granddog this weekend). These two cut out sets look to be complete (or at least they have a lot of pieces), and I plan to scan and post them. Not bad for $4 (everything so far).

And this paper roll dispenser seemed like a bargain for $5.

And the dolls, an NRFB Repro Barbie, and a fully dressed (never undressed- the clothes are still attached to the doll) 18" doll for $10@ were great buys.

And this mysterious piecework top (42" wide, by 12 feet long- I'm not kidding it's 144") looks to be hand pieced (despite the serged edges). I'm going to cut it up for baby quilts. It came bundled with my Prize of the Day:

a hand-pieced, hand quilted quilt, from the 40's (my guess). I picked this up for... are you sitting down?   $7.50. Yep, that's seven dollars and fifty cents. Best of all?

The sashing is made of horsies. And horsies are made of Awsome.

Doesn't get any better than that, especially for $38.76 total.

p.s. some of The Flying Geese border pieces are raggy, so I'm going to scan intact sections and replicate the fabrics through Spoonflower to repair the edges.


Lisa said...

Oh I'd love to know how the scan and printing at Spoonflower goes, please post the results. I wanted to do the same thing but I'm afraid the colors will not be close. And when I scanned I got the warp and weft and quilting stitches. Not sure I want that printed and it would be an impossible photoshop fix for me. Anyways good luck and great quilt find!

Gnat said...

Wow...what a haul!! Great stuff!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Gnat- I was pumped!
Lisa- I'm going to play around with the scans in Adobe Illustrator and see if I can't eliminate some of that stuff. But the fabric is old, so showing some of the weave and stitching might just make it look even older, which is good. I'll post all of the progress.

#4 said...

Oh my gosh...the metal cookie cutters bring back memories...I always loved the angels and reindeer cookies!

Lynda said...

Oh my, what great steals! I have some of those metal cookie cutters from my mom. And the paper dolls! And that quilt! Wow! What a haul!