Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane...

... well a turbo-prop first, and then a jet plane. But not until tomorrow morning. Until then, I have lots of cleaning, organizing, packing, mowing, and waiting to do.

In the meantime, I present:
My Spoonflower Summer Flowers contest entry (this is a limited palette contest- you can only use the exact colors shown, plus black and white)

My Spoonflower Travel contest entry. Have you ever driven across country with children?

My Knit 2 Together Fabric Collection. Samples and/or full yards of all of the above fabrics are on order, but they likely won't arrive for 3 weeks or so. Several of my earlier orders may arrive today!

And finally- 257 yards (5.9 ozs) of Charcoal Baby Romney 2-ply yarn. It's actually darker than what the picture shows- it came out lighter in the morning sunlight. I'll probably get the rest of the 8ozs spun and plied today.

We leave very early tomorrow morning, and I'll check in from Washington! You all be good while I'm gone.

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Mary Keenan said...

Kathi, I love what you're doing with the Spoonflower stuff! And I hope you have a lovely trip with lots and lots of knitting in it.