Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from the fiery brink

I, carefully but swiftly (since slow sewing may have caused the problem in the first place), used the sewing machine yesterday, and it didn't burst into flames, which is a good sign.
The All Star ABCs quilt turned out exactly as I'd hoped, except that it's smaller than I thought it would be. The finished quilt is 32" x 36 1/2". The fabric shrunk a bit in the wash, and quilting tightened it even more, but still I thought it would be wider. However, it's fine for a baby quilt, and anyone who wants to make a larger quilt, can simply add borders to the center panel.

I like the yellow coordinating fabric as a border, and since I ordered a yard of it, I have some left over to play with.

Speaking of playing- as long as the sewing machine was flame-free, I used some of the scattered motifs from the Dolly 'n Me apron fabric to lengthen the doll sized apron. I have already altered the file on Spoonflower, so that any future yards printed from that design will be this long (with properly sized additions), but that didn't help the far-too-short sample apron. The appliqued pieces don't match, but I don't think my girls will mind, and at least now, it doesn't look like a tie-on vest.

I've spinning finished another 385 yards (10.9 ozs) of the silver Romney. This picture is only half of that amount, but the other half looks just the same. Oh that sheen. I don't think even silk is that shiny.

And finally, people sometimes wonder why living in South Dakota is worth the weather and lack of good produce in the stores.

This is why.


joannamauselina said...

Thank goodness your sewing partner is back in business. Mine - now 50 years old, but probably about 30 then, suddenly stopped working. I took it to the sewing machine store, the man opened it up, and it was full of fuzz. I had been making the family's wool winter wardrobe, and there was a huge bunch of lint. He removed the fuzz and --voila! No problems since. These old fellows are the best.

knitbysue said...

Ahh, beautiful double rainbow.

I hope your sewing machine continues to behave smoke-free.

Once I had a sewing machine that kept on sewing for a random number of stitches after I stopped pressing on the pressure foot. It would go in and out of this 'mind of it's own-problem' randomly. It would recover and start behaving again randomly too. I finally got rid of it and was I ever happy about never dealing with that problem again.

Mariah said...

You rainbow picture made this South Dakota girl a bit homesick for her native land. Western Iowa isn't that different, yet it is. People don't get it exactly.