Friday, July 9, 2010

Touring the old haunts

We had some free time yesterday (before the all-important 2-hour afternoon nap), so we took a driving trip around many of my childhood haunts, to see which ones had changed and which ones stayed the same.

Answer? All of them. They're all radically different, and yet they're the same. Go figure.

The Pegasus is now an antique shop. It used to be the Snohomish Theater, and before that, it was Brown's Theater. I spent many a Saturday afternoon camped out there (in the balcony,  if we could sneak up without getting caught) for the matinees. We stood in a very long line to see The Parent Trap (the REAL one, with Hayley Mills) that snaked around that yellow building, which was our bank at the time. I remember the girls bathroom, which was downstairs at the end of a spiral staircase, where the older girls would sneak cigarettes. Of course, in those days, everyone smoked, everywhere, so it wasn't such a shocker.

The Avenue D bridge, over the Snohomish River (which has tides, just like The Amazon), looks the same.
This staircase and sign to my old high school looks the same, though most of the old buildings are gone, and the entire campus looks different once you get past the hedges.

This, however, is new. And not even those who still live here, could tell me what it means. It's a mystery.

That's Snohomish, a mystery wrapped in a riddle, next to a river with tides.

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Sewfast said...

I grew up in Granite Falls, so I know Snohomish well! Thanks for pictures of "Home"!