Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday Tab on Friday- Connie Francis Covers, Debbie Reynolds Clothes, and an antique store find

Our west coast trip mixed me up, and I totally forgot that yesterday was Thursday. So, I'll make up for it a bit today with some fill-in info on some past uploads, and a sneak peek at some upcoming Thursday Tab entries.

Blog readers Sally and Elizabeth both sent the covers of the Connie Francis set- Thanks! And Elizabeth told me that the set is Whitman #1956, published in 1963.

Elizabeth also provided a scan of the missing page 8 from the Debbie Reynolds set.

And then on a whim yesterday, we stopped at an antique place, and guess what I found?

This Whitman 1963 Debbie Reynolds folder cover- 2 of them, in fact
with no Debbie dolls, but double sets of the clothes, AND some uncut clothing pages. And tucked into the pocket were Dr. Kildare and a random nurse and many punch-out clothes for them, plus outfits for a missing nurse doll.

AND a box with a 1962 BubbleCut Barbie with many well-known Barbie outfits (though sadly, the little girl shortened all of them), and what looks to be a full, cut Tammy and Pepper set.

Over the next few weeks, I'll scan these new additions, and then see if I have uncut scans to post as well. I've never seen paper dolls at any antique/flea market/rummage sale, so I am pretty excited about this score!

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