Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spoon to the infinite power

Yeah, it does seem like it's All Spoonflower, All the Time, but that's how it goes with my obsessions.

I washed and dried the quilt and apron fabrics and linings yesterday. The fabric does shrink, which was not a surprise, but it shrinks more in length than width (or maybe it's the other way around, I forgot to mark the up/down before washing), which was. So if whatever you're making from the quilting cotton is going to be washed eventually (which is pretty much everything except doll clothes), it's a good idea to pre-wash. (and yes, I know that's always a good idea, but I often skip that part).
This is the yard of border fabric for the All Star ABC cheater quilt (I'll have plenty left over). I'm going to have to work on my repeats so I don't get such visible divisions. It's not a big deal, but I would like a more *seamless * look to whole-yard printouts.

The quilt is sandwiched and pinned and ready to quilt. Given that the background colors are a little lighter than I'd envisioned (there was no color change in the wash, btw), I'm really glad that I changed all of the Alphabet letters to a much darker shade. They pop now, and they should really stand out after machine quilting.

The Dolly 'n Me aprons are also cut out. I decided to line the aprons and pockets because the fabric is lovely but a little light for a working apron. There's really no change to the assembly for the lining, except that the ties need to be tacked in place before the front is sewn to the back. I'll sew the pocket on afterwards, which will help anchor the layers. I think this apron will fit ages 2-5 pretty well, though I'll know better after it's finished.

I don't know if I'll get any sewing done today or not. Temps, dew points, and humidity levels are all astronomical today, so I may hide out in the AC this afternoon (when I'm not in the pool with The Grands).

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