Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Two of my current Spoonflower orders arrived, and I am thrilled!
1 yard each of the Color Cut and Sew 18" Doll Outfit, and Color Cut and Sew Robots (which works out to 4 complete sets of each design).

Each of the girls gets a doll outfit to color, and SuperHero Boy gets a robot. I am going to color, cut and sew one of the robot sets myself, so I can take pics. Actually, I'm sure I'll get to take pics of all of the finished items since I'll be doing the assembly, but I want to make one myself anyway, because I am a Big Kid. But you all knew that already. I tinkered with the Robots file to space the smaller ones out a bit so there's more room for the seam allowance.

I am especially thrilled with the Dolly 'n Me Child and Doll Sized Aprons. I love how they came out- the outlines are so crisp and sharp. Only problem is that the red on the crayons, scissors handles, brush handles, and paints came out orange. And the upper left doll-sized tie border cut off. Neither of those things matters in the long run. Or even the short run. I've ammended the fabric description so that anyone interested in the aprons is warned in advance.

It's too bad that I absolutely don't have time to sew any of these things together this afternoon. I still have packing and cleaning and organizing to do (I did get the mowing done).

Oh- if you are interested, these fabrics are now listed as *for sale* at Spoonflower. My designer name is GrammaK (and I don't make actual money from sales, just a discount on future orders).

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Mary Keenan said...

These are so awesome! I don't know though Kathi - I'm packing too, but I still found time for a little sewing today ;^)