Friday, July 2, 2010

Jam Tomorrow, and Yarn Today

Unlike Alice, I can have jam every day, if I want it.

Doesn't look too appetizing, does it? Don't be fooled- this is a batch of Hot Pepper/Rhubarb Jam, and it's better than appetizing- it's absoloutely delicious! I consulted with Ann (my Cooking Guru), and she suggested using 1 tbsp of canned, diced, drained jalapenos for each fresh diced pepper (since my garden jalapenos are only about 3/4" long right now). That worked perfectly and the jam set up instantly (as opposed to the crab apple jelly that I made 2 years ago, which is still as liquid as it was when I poured it into the jars. I really do need to dump them).
I love that moment when you add the sugar to a batch of jam or jelly- it instantly turns from a gloppy mess, to a translucent jewel. It fascinates me every time. This batch is done and ready to skim. I remember when my mom made strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam, and she would let us eat the foam. We thought it was an amazing treat. And always, she let us have a peice of buttered bread with warm jam. I had one again, in honor of my Mom. (well, and because it tasted so good).
The back jars are the jalapeno rhubarb, and the front jars are plain rhubarb (which I picked from my own plants last week). The 2 jars to the left (front and back) went right in the fridge. The pepper rhubarb is nicely hot- just the right amount of bite. Yummmmm.

I'm nearly done with the Probably Romney Roving- so far, I have 17.2 ozs, and 724 yards. I'm spinning the last bump (I'll get another 250+ yards). I don't know what I'll do with it, but it sure is purty.

P.S. Spinning is stashbusting, as long as I use up fiber that I already have on hand. So there.

P.S.S. I'm starting to think that shiny yarn is crying out for white on white cables. What think you all?

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joannamauselina said...

I love jalapeno jam. Rhubarb -jalapeno sounds even better.