Friday, July 30, 2010

Knit 2 Together

Remember when I spent days and days, struggling to learn Adobe Illustrator, and very proudly bored you with the results (as though my efforts looked like anything but random squiggles)? Well, this
was the end result. A collection of three different fabric designs, in two colorways, all called Knit 2 Together. I ordered a yard of each of the scattered needle print, and sample swatches of the others. All of them are Spoonflower's quilting weight cotton, except for the peach background design, which is their knit fabric (and wonderful knit fabric it is, smooth and very stretchy).

I am beyond thrilled with how the border blocks came out- it took a long time to get those custom yarn and cast-on-needle brushes drawn and worked out properly. I'm going to sew a DPN case from a bit of the larger pieces, but I haven't decided what to do with the rest. Besides sit back and admire them, that is.

This is a sample swatch (8" x 8") of my Travel Contest entry, called "Road Trip". I had this sample printed on Spoonflower's linen-cotton canvas, which is a really nice, sturdy fabric. Good for tote bags and such. The finished fabric colors don't always match what I see on the screen, but this design came out exactly as I expected.

This sample is from the Summer Flower contest. I called it Iris Silhouette (not so clever with titles, am I?). The swatch is printed on the canvas twill, and it's also a very nice, sturdy fabric. The surface is smoother than the linen/cotton, but both are about the same weight, and both would work for tote bags.

I've had this fabric for awhile, but could not show it until the finished penguin ornaments went to my friend Ann.

Here's a couple of assembled ornaments. A fat quarter will make at least 8 penguins.

All of the above fabrics are available now from Spoonflower. They're also customizable- I can change the background colors (handy for the Knit 2 Together fabrics, I think), and rename the penguins. I think I'll also make a Road Trip and Iris Silhouette version with smaller motifs- the samples are pretty big.

I'd say this obsession is still going strong.

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