Saturday, June 18, 2011

Checking in's been one of those days... no, not one of those days... one of those beautiful early summer days where I weeded the garden instead of running, and then swam laps, and then the Grandgirls came out for a morning swim (what good is it for Gma to have a pool and for it to be summer, if you can't swim in the morning?), and then I worked on the MG Fantasy (revised 3 chapters so far today), and then girls and their father came out and swam some more, and I kept working... and the doors and windows are open because it's warm without being either hot or sticky, and my world looks almost exactly like the picture at the top of the page, and I may just swim again after I finish revising the next chapter.

Anyway, it's been good but busy. And I've made progress on the wedding shawl (which is my evening activity, every evening, until this thing is done):
Okay, back to work. Catch all y'all on the flip

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Cyncalla said...

It all sounds pretty fantastic.