Monday, June 13, 2011

Shawl Progress

I do wish lace looked pretty as it's being knit, rather than looking like some wrinkly, bias-shaped lumpus. It is going to be okay after blocking, I promise.

It takes about 20  minutes to knit 4 rows (beads are added every 4th row), and about 2 hours to finish two repeats, which is all I can do in a single evening before my eyes cross and I start making really stupid mistakes. This is going to be an interesting race against the calendar (it has to be finished, blocked and dry by July 12).


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Could you try doing two or three knitting sessions during the day...morning, lunch and evening? I find it easier to knit lace in the morning/noon time when I am more alert and less tired.

Mary Wilson said...

Well, i'm not a lace-knitter... but I think it DOES look pretty as it is knit. And knowing that it will look even more spectacular when it's blocked and such will keep me checking your blog and cheering you on!