Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super 8

Okay, so Super 8 might not be The Best Summer Movie of All Time (as some reviewers are gushing), but it's pretty damn good. I won't spoil the plot except to say that it's set in the summer of 1979 when a group of middle school boys, and one very pretty girl, witness something amazing as they're filming a home-made zombie movie to enter in a Super 8 film contest. I will say that the cast is wonderful- the kids are all excellent actors (not that we expected anything else from a Fanning) and Kyle Chandler is perfect as the bereaved husband trying to cope with his grief, his son, his job, and this *thing* that is happening in his town. The production values (the young director's favorite term) are amazing- this movie is beautifully shot. The action sequences are beyond exciting, the tension is constant, and the late 70's are brought back in all of their ugly, polyester glory. Oh yeah, and it's heart-achingly sweet. The movie is a sort of blend of Goonies, ET, and Close Encounters- and I'd add a smidge of Monster House (the animated movie) and maybe even a bit of American Graffitti. I'd take the PG 13 warning seriously- there are a couple of minor drug references, and a few swear words (including The Big One), but mostly, I think it's just too intense for anyone under 10 or so.

Is it over the top? Yep. After you think on it a bit, does it make a whole lot of sense? Not really. Does it matter? Nope.

Except that the theater is a 100 mile round trip, and movies are expensive, and I have work to do, I'd go see it again today.

Maybe it is the best summer movie of all time.


Knit -University said...

Is it important to see it in the theater that costs $10 with people who's cell phones may go off during the movie? Or should I wait for Netflix?

Kathleen Taylor said...

I think it'll be a lot more intense in the theater. I'm not moved to make the trip to the theater for very many movies, but I'm not sorry that I made the effort for this one. On the other hand, no cell phones rang during my showing...