Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YIKES!, and other things that are much more pleasant

I finished proofing the Sex and Salmonella Kindle files on Monday evening. Tuesday, I worked all day, getting a lot of things crossed off my To-Do list. After I swam laps yesterday afternoon, I sat on the back deck swing and opened up the Kindle case (I have a snazzy little leather folding cover for it), to read (for fun, not for work), and this is what greeted me:
And no amount of plugging and unplugging, or turning on/off changed the screen. In fact it looks like that this morning still. After feeling sick for a moment or two, I followed Amazon's process for calling Kindle tech support (which involves putting your phone number into their system and they call you), and within 2 minutes I was talking with a first level tech person, and within another 3 minutes, I was talking with the next level tech person, and less than 3 minutes after that, my replacement Kindle was on the way. It should arrive tomorrow. That was the fastest and smoothest customer support resolution I've ever experienced. I was surprised how bereft I felt, even though I could still read the current Kindle book (Connie Willis's All Clear) on my phone, or on the computer (and, you know, there are a few thousand paper books still in the house...).
In better news, however, Curt (my son, who designed the eBook covers for Funeral Food and Sex and Salmonella, and will also do the other four) sent me 12" x 18" poster printouts of the covers. They look fantastic! I do believe that I will have them framed.

Curt also has a CafePress shop for merchandise from his HopHeadSaid beer blog. I ordered a tee shirt and a mug (and a hoodie, which should arrive in a day or so). They're great items, high quality. And of course, I like the artwork just fine.

Speaking of which, I think Curt is also going to add the new book covers to his other CafePress shop. I feel the need for a Sex and Salmonella beer glass...

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