Saturday, June 4, 2011

Display at The Depot

The folks at the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot here in Redfield, asked to display some of my knitted items and books during the month of June. The Depot is an amazing old building, built in 1914 when railroads were King, and restored in 2002 by The Hub and The Younger Son. It's a wonderful old building with a roster of permanent displays of Redfield and railroad history, and monthly special exhibits.

You can't tell from this distance, but there are gargoyles on the gutters.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the interior shots. The Hub had the camera, so I took these with my phone. The lighting was not propitious. There is lots of wonderful quarter-sawn oak woodwork throughout.

The Ladies Bathroom has special meaning for me. That marble sink-top used to be in my house.

This was the former depot dining room.

and the kitchen.

The Dispatch Room is especially cool. I'm sorry that the photo of the working telegraph machine didn't turn out.

This hand-made miniature steam train actually works.

I'm going to buy this tee shirt.

This shelf has projects from Yarns to Dye For (which didn't get into the shot for some reason). I have no projects left from Knit One, Felt Too. The other books are all compilations that I contributed to.

Projects from I Heart Felt.

The Big Book  of Socks

And finally, Fearless Fair Isle Knitting.

If you're anywhere near Redfield, stop in at the Depot and look around. It's an amazing place.

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Betty said...

What a beautiful display of your work, Kathi! Congratulations.