Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Business- SAFF Day 2

Okay, so the wifi is working this morning, but we're leaving fairly soon, so this will be quick.

Yesterday was great, though it was the longest teaching day I've ever put in- 9 hours and 3 workshops(and though I usually don't sleep well in motels, I would have given much to roll over and sleep another couple of hours this morning). Luckily, every single student yesterday was exceptional and we had a wonderful time.
These lovely ladies were in one of my Knitting Tips and Tricks workshops (I taught 2 of them back to back, both fully enrolled). I believe they are working on making bobbles by knitting back backwards (or as we fondly called them in class: Barbie Boobs).
 For SAFF, I shortened my All Day Fair Isle Design class to a half day workshop, which filled immediately. Instead of knitting on our original designs, we spent the morning just working on filling out the charts.
 Everyone did a wonderful job.
 At the Friday Night SAFF Party, I won the above sock yarn. Beautiful, is it not? The first time my number was called I won... get this... a copy of Fearless Fair Isle Knitting. I told them that I had a copy at home and put it back in the pool. I was very happy (and lucky) to have been drawn again for this gorgeous yarn.
The motel is nice- and the beds are comfy. And tomorrow, I don't have to get up early! woohoo!!!

Today, I have an all-day Nordic Christmas Stocking workshop, which will be fun. My friend Kris flew in yesterday afternoon, and last night, we ventured into Old Town Hendersonville and ate at Lime Leaf, a Thai-fusion place. The food was fantastic! We scoped out the other restaurants (many- the town smells wonderful), and chose a place for tonight.

Tomorrow- Biltmore!!!

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Connie Peterson said...

Sounds like you were having a great time. Have a safe trip home!