Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biltmore yesterday

You know how your best school friend flies in from SeaTac to join you for a wonderful weekend in North Carolina? You know how she left her glasses on the bed when she went to sleep? You know how she woke up and thought that the glasses must have fallen to the floor on the left side of the bed? You know how you and your friend look everywhere on the left side of the bed but do not find the glasses? You know how you have a brilliant notion to pull the mattress down a bit just in case the glasses dropped between the mattress and the wall? You know how you walk around the right side of the bed to get a good grip on the mattress? You know how you step right on the glasses?


Well, I do.

 See that rubber band? That's how Kris is holding her lens in place. Sigh...
You can't take pictures inside Biltmore, but you can take lots of them outside. The inside was as beautiful and wonderful as always. We walked easily 6 hours yesterday. We also saw the Tiffany Exhibit, which was flat-out stunning.

 The leaves are past peak- most of the red is gone and many trees are bare, but it's still breathtakingly beautiful.

 Lots of statues of little naked boys on the grounds.
 Carving carving everywhere.

 Copper and gargoyles.

 Imagine waking up to this every morning.

 One of the small verandas.

Pics of gardens and flowers tomorrow (or tonight... at any rate... later)

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