Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not sure...

Lately, I've been intrigued by the Mason Dixon mitered square blankets. I am probably not going to knit any blankets, but I do like working with mitered squares, so I did a little experimenting.
 The square on the left is pretty blah. I used some nice short-length variegated leftover sock yarn, but the variegation is too short to look good with this pattern. I mean, it's okay, but boring. The square on the left worked better- it's a self-striping leftover sock yarn, and I like that look a lot (the nicely matching chevrons were totally accidental). Each of those squares is about 7" square (the one on the left is slightly bigger because the base yarn is slightly heavier) but they'll block out the same. I cast on another square and will alternate the two yarns on the sections, and I think I might sew them together for a hat. On the other hand, that might not work either. Such is the nature of experimentation. Oh, I see that I started the white yarn on the wrong side of the pieces too- on the next project, I'll fix that, but I'd better stay consistent with these squares (and pretend it was on purpose) (that's how designing works sometimes, you know).
I spun up another bobbin of the overdyed, self-striping gray Romney roving. It's such a pleasure to spin. I'll spin up a mostly-matching bobbin and ply them together. By the time I get done with this stuff, I'll have 800-1000 yds of yarn. I think it might want to be a shawl.

Otherwise, it's been in the mid-high 80s all week, and it's way too late in the season for that kind of heat. It's also very dry and windy, so the fire index warnings are out everywhere. The farmers are combining everything, though, and it will be very good if the crops can be harvested before it snows (probably next week).

Oh yeah, and I ordered one of these....

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Trish said...

my hubby offered to order me a Kindle Fire for my birthday in 2 weeks. I almost took him up on it but have decided to wait for the 10" model that is supposed to come out shortly thereafter. I can't wait to hear the reviews from the masses on this first model.