Friday, October 7, 2011

Yarny Stuff- on the road and at home

Yesterday, we took a small road trip that turned into a slightly longer road trip. The Hub needed to check out plumbing and bathroom supplies at any outlet that does not rhyme with *Schmenards*, so we hit the road to Brookings, to see the Lowe's there.
 On the way, I spindle spun some Coopworth roving that I bought at NCFF. It's lovely wool, though not at all soft, and far fuzzier than I expected it to be. It's going to make a really interesting yarn- not good for next-to-skin, but perfect for hats and mittens.
 Just before we got to the Brooking's exit, The Hub decided that we might as well go on to Sioux Falls, since it was only 50 more miles. Sioux Falls boasts not only a Lowe's, but also a Home Depot (plus Sam's Club, and of course, *Schmenards*). Sioux Falls also boasts a Granite City, which justifiably boasts about its prosciutto olive flatbread pizza, which was even better than it looks in the photo. 

Unfortunately for The Hub, he didn't find the info he needed, but we ate a good lunch,  stocked up at Sam's and headed back home in some of the worst wind I've seen in a long time. The flooded fields had whitecaps and waves.
 Last evening, while watching Parks & Rec, Community, and The Office (all three doing well this season, especially P&R), I finished spinning and plying another large hank of the self-striping Romney. This is 5.6 ozs and 203 yards. It's thinner than worsted weight yarn, but I suspect it'll knit up just fine on size 5 needles anyway.
And this amorphous blob is the beginning of a Forest Canopy Shawl, worked with the handspun Romney that Voracious Reader and I dyed with marigolds over the summer. I started with the most pale yellow hank, and I'll work my way through the darker shades, though since I'm knitting this on size 8 needles, I suspect I won't get to the darkest yarn before I finish the shawl, even though I intend to make it larger than the pattern calls for.

P.S. It's not that The Hub dislikes *Schmenards*- I think he was mostly in the mood for a road trip

P.S.S. I ate the leftovers for lunch today, and the pizza was just as good reheated.

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twoknitwit said...

I love the color of your scratchy roving ~ and it appears that your 50-mile side trip (that is so funny!) was worth it with that pizza at the other end

makes me hungry!