Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nothing but this 'n that these days

With the clock ticking for SAFF and my stuff ready and sent on ahead (and safely in place), there's really nothing much for me to do before I leave next Thursday, except twiddle my thumbs...
 ...and read, and observe that Edgar Rice Burroughs surely did not like the Germans.
 ...and knit. I'm making progress on Forest Canopy with the marigold-dyed handspun Romney. It still looks like an amorphous blob, but it's a pretty yellow amorphous blob.
 ... and spin. Another 163 yds (4.6 ozs) of self-striping Romney. I'm amassing quite a bit of yardage.
 ...and play Jewelry Maker. These are amethyst stones, and pink opal.
...and admire my new CafePress goodies, from Curt's Store (link at the top right of this page).

But mostly, I'm twiddling my thumbs, and mentally commanding the leaves in North Carolina to wait until I'm there to turn.

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