Sunday, October 23, 2011

SAFF Day 3- Mostly Pics and Links

 SAFF Day 3 is done- it was long but wonderful. Above, Karen and Yvonne oh so generously toted me back and forth from the motel to the WNC for several days. They waited around for me to get done with my classes, and were wonderful company. I'm so glad that I met them, and so grateful for their kindness.
 Today's only workshop was the All Day Nordic Christmas Stocking class. Despite the fact that we were all a little punchy from a long and fantastic, though exhausting, weekend, everyone did a wonderful job with their stockings. They forgave my totally foggy brain, and my lack of focus toward the end of the day. As always, I had genius students. And, as always, I hope to be invited back.
Tonight, we ventured into downtown Asheville. The architecture is intricate and beautiful. We ate sea-salt dark chocolate caramels from Chocolate Fetish. Oh my...

Last night, we toured old town Hendersonville. We ate an absolutely fantastic meal at Lime Leaf. Tonight, we went back to Hendersonville and ate at Mezzaluna, where I had Carolina Pan Fried Trout. Though my Beer Expert son would not necessarily approve with pairing Highland Oatmeal Porter with trout, it sure was good.

Tomorrow, Kris and I go to Biltmore- a visit that I look forward to all year. I am very exicted!

Nancie McCraw, of BadFaerie Designs has a new spindle line in production. They're either unpainted or painted chrome, cut by a machinist in the same shape as motorcycle (and automotive) gears. They're absolutely beautiful... and will be available from Nancie herself soon, and from other vendors. Oh yeah... and I have a prototype! Neener Neener!

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