Friday, October 21, 2011

SAFF 2011 Day 1

It was a great, though long day- luckily for me, I had genius students and the classes were great fun. It was a cool morning, with a warm and sunny afternoon. The leaves are past peak but there is still plenty of color
 and more than enough beauty to go around.
 I have no idea what this tree is but the leaves are fascinating.
 I don't know what these big trees are either, but they're sure purty.
 Just in case there was any doubt...
 The sales arena is in the McGough Arena (say  it:McGoo)
 but the classes were in a separate venue. I have my own classroom for the duration. Above were the Mitered Square students. They all did wonderfully!
 These were the Writing Patterns for Publication students. It was a long day for everyone, but take my word for it, there was lots of laughs, and they asked some great questions.
Tomorrow will be my longest teaching day (3 workshops between 8:30am-6:00pm). My friend Kris is flying in, and she's going to spend the rest of the visit with me. Woohoo!!!!

Tonight is a Ravelry/SAFF party, but I don't think I'll stay very long. I feel a long nap coming on.


Anonymous said...

The tree is a Bradford Pear. Lovely color in the fall and beautiful blossoms in the spring.

I spend the winters 25 miles west of Asheville and miss the climate and hospitality.

I enjoy your blog and discovered that I have your book, Fearless Fairisle. Love the turtle patterned sweater.


gbrwn1 said...

Kathleen-Thx so much for your wonderful mitered squares class at SAFF. I learned so much! You are a pleasure to learn from. Hope to take more classes with you next year! Glenda

Kathleen Taylor said...

Joan, thank you for the leaf ID. The foliage was so beautiful.

Glenda- thank yo so much for taking my class. I hope to be invited back next year too!