Saturday, January 21, 2012

The calm between the flights

I've pretty much re-acclimated from my week in Asheville (though the fact that winter arrived while I was gone is still something of a shock), and I'm sort of unpacked. I have some paperwork to do (entering receipts and expenses... that sort of tedium), but in general, I'm just relaxing before we leave again on Thursday. The upcoming jaunt is almost entirely vacation (with one class at Loop and Leaf on Feb.1, in Santa Barbara, which will be great fun), so resting up for a trip that is mostly going to consist of resting up, seems silly. But, as you all know, I am nothing if not silly.

 Before I left for the Winter Retreat, I finished this hat. I wanted to add to the very small pile of *masculine friendly* colorways in the Big Tub 'o Knitted Things, but I suspect that the girls will love it too.
When I teach the Fair Isle design classes (half-day hat design, and half-day Christmas stocking design), I always do the exercises right along with the class. Sometimes, I'm not happy enough with  my design to come home and knit it. This time, I was pleased with both designs. I'm excited to see how the stocking is coming along. I imagine I'll finish it before we leave for SoCal. I may even cast on the hat.

In the meantime, the Obsessive Long-Term Weather Forecast Watch has begun- it only needs to be calm (not even warm, just calm) at 9:10pm on Thursday so we can take off on time (and I suppose, it needs to be nice at LAX, but it's nearly always nice at LAX). It can be nasty right up until that moment (as it is right now- below zero air temps, well below zero wind chills, new powdery snow blowing around). So far, the forecast looks good (we're using Allegiant, which flies out to LAX from FSD twice a week. Period. If one flight is cancelled, you're SOL, so though all this worry is selfish, it's also reasonable). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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