Friday, January 13, 2012

Friends and Fiberworks Winter Retreat Day 2

I woke up this morning to find Asheville in a Winter Storm Watch... just like South Dakota... sigh...
But though it was frosty, and there was snow up in the hills, there were blue skies and white clouds here. It's still cold but not below zero, so it's all good.
 One lovely thing about teaching classes in a small, sort of empty mall, is that I got an entire storefront for my classroom. This is my home for the duration.
 Yep- they expected me.
 Lots of room. So far, class size has been small, but the people are as wonderful as ever.

Susan and I finished our entire hats in class today! Didn't she do a wonderful job?
 The vendors had lots of pretty...
...lots and lots of pretty. And the mall food court has Cakeballs. Can't ask for much more.

So far, no one has signed up for my morning class tomorrow. If that remains the case, I'll find a way to Biltmore, just for a peek before my late afternoon class (which is nearly full).

As I said, it's all good!

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Joy McGuffin said...

Thanks so much Kathleen - your workshop was wonderful last evening. Kate and I made it back across the mountain safely, wishing the entire way that we could have stayed for the glove class this morning. I found your prayer shawl pattern in one of my prayer shawl books. And I hope to have another of your books in my hands in a few days. Blessings on your for the rest of your stay - and travel mercies as you return home. Joy McGuffin (from the designing workshop)