Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Retreat Sunday (and a little Saturday)

Yesterday, Vickie and I went to Biltmore Village, which is a group of lovely shops and restaurants just across from the entrance to the Biltmore Estate (sadly, I did not go to Biltmore itself). We ate at an amazing Mediterranean restaurant called Rezaz.
This was my lunch: Atlantic Snapper with mussels in tomato salsa, with fresh steamed spinach. It was fantastic! My only regret was that we couldn't try some of the wines (I had to work later...)

We wandered through Bellagio, which is a cross between a gallery and a boutique. Many many beautiful things!

After our leisurely lunch, we came back to the retreat to teach our afternoon classes. I had a couple of exceptionally creative ladies in my Writing Patterns for Publication class. I expect to see their work in print very soon!

Today, I had a six hour steeking class, one that I dusted off after a 5 year hiatus. It went extremely well.
Behold: New Steekists!

After class, I walked over to Papas and Beer for Shrimp Enchilandas Mazatlan and a dark local beer.
I didn't notice, when I ordered, that the plate held enchiladaS (PLURAL). The above could have easily fed 2 people. I would have left the excess, but my server was so sad about abandoning such good food that I brought it back to the motel room. Maybe I'll reheat them for supper tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's going to be my longest teaching day: two Fair Isle design classes, one from 10am-2pm, the next from 4pm-8pm. I may not have the oomph to post tomorrow night. If not, I'll check in on Tuesday morning.

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