Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends and Fiberworks Winter Retreat- Day 1

You know how we've had a warm and dry winter? How the high temps have broken record after record? How we've had  no snow or ice? Well that ended yesterday, which means that this morning's drive to the airport was a bit hairy, what with 43 miles of glare ice and all. Luckily, South Dakota planes have not forgotten how to fly in the cold.

All of my flights were on time, and all of them were smooth until it came time to descend, at which time every airplane bounced all over the sky. None of the landings were the worst I'd ever experienced, but the three of them were the three worst in a row. Happily for me, I do not get airsick (as opposed to the lady across the aisle from me, who filled her shopping bag... several times). And I do not become irritated at growling and barking dogs on planes, though I was definitely surprised to hear Fido behind me.

I did become irritated, however, by a conversation that I could not help but overhear in the Minneapolis airport. A man thanked a soldier in fatigues, who was leaving his family to return to his unit in Kuwait. So far,so good. But the man continued to ask pointed and personal questions, about pay scales, benefits, injuries and death, which was bad enough, but it really became uncomfortable when the questions turned personal- many about the soldier's soldier wife, and the soldier's children (remember that these men were strangers). I nearly turned around and whacked the guy when he asked about how the soldier's soldier wife went about breastfeeding while on duty. Seriously. But the soldier answered, and better yet, deflected, all queries with good humor. Our service people- heroes and gentlefolk, able to deal with life and death situations AND jerks in airports.

I'm going to hunker down and read tonight (I started The Night Circus on the plane- what a fascinating and unusual book). My motel is right across from the retreat venue, and I've already been across to scope out the facilities (verdict? Yarn Heaven). Tonight I rest, tomorrow I go to work. I can't wait! Stay tuned for pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I do not get airsick either, but I would have been done in by the barfing lady..I begin gagging whenever I am around someone like that. My children and grandchildren however only concern me but do not bother me. Strange creatures we are! Glad all you flights landed on time and safely.