Wednesday, January 11, 2012

O hai, Winter! We thought you forgot us

You'd think we lived in the tropics or something, given everyone's reaction when we woke up to this:
Of course, we've had the warmest January on record (it was 60 degrees yesterday. That's 60 degrees ABOVE zero), and it's been at least a couple of months since we've had even a hint of snow.

How quickly we forget.

At any rate, we're not supposed to get more snow this week, and so far, the weather looks good for all of my flights tomorrow, which is all I'm (selfishly) worried about. If nothing else, even if Winter kicks in with a vengeance, it won't last too long. I hope.

I may or may not check in before I leave in the morning (I'm taking the early flight as always, which means I'll be on the road around 4:00am). I should be in Asheville by mid-afternoon. There is still room for more students in my classes at the Winter Retreat. I hope to see some of you there on Friday!

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