Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday morning change of plans

My morning class was cancelled, but after looking clearly at the time schedule, and seeing that I would only have about 3 hours, I decided to skip Biltmore this time around (the $60 cab fare also factored in the decision). So, I wandered about the mall where the retreat is being held, and explored the booths a bit more.
 This is Friends and Fiberworks- the store that is hosting the retreat. It's huge and wonderful.
 This yarn followed me home. You can't see the sparkle in this shot, but trust me, this is 550 yds of rayon bling. It's going to be a very pretty shawl.
 Though the mall food court isn't exactly exciting, the Cakeball booth certainly makes up for it!
This is the hat that Susan finished in class yesterday. Isn't it gorgeous. She is only the 3rd person ever to complete a hat in a single class. Yay Susan!

I'm going to wander Asheville and shop a bit with my roomie, Vicki Clontz, of Annie's Keepsakes. We'll have lunch (maybe at Tupelo Honey), and see the sights, and then come back for our 4:00 classes (mine is nearly full, so there's no chance of cancellation).

I'll report back tonight.

Oh, it's still chilly (frosty in the morning), but otherwise beautiful. The promised storm did not materialize, for which I am very grateful.

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