Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forest Canopy Shawl, kinda sorta wordless

I started this shawl back in October. It's knit from the handspun Romney that Voracious Reader and I dyed with Marigolds. It turned out beautifully, though it's much smaller than I expected  it to be (blocked: 56" x 25"). I've knitted this shawl before, and though I found the posts, I didn't note at the time whether I worked extra repeats. I must have, because that shawl is much larger while being knit with yarn that is far more fine.  This one is too small to be an adult shawl, at least as a full-size shawl (it would be fine as a neck decoration), so I think maybe it'll go to VR.

Okay, that's enough words- the pictures tell the story.


Mary Keenan said...

That is going to be SO perfect for spring wear :^)

joannamauselina said...

Very pretty! I find a neck decoration to be actually more practical and useful than an actual shawl. I use my small shawlettes all the time, and seldom the big ones, as I frequently want to keep my neck warm, while out walking, but seldom go anywhere requiring that I keep the rest of me warm while I am circulating the room in my fancy dress, with a cocktail in my hand. In fact, not seldom, but never.

Lisa Iglesias said...

This is so pretty, I think the idea is wonderful and yoг personally did an amazing job!