Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Tab- Pert and Pretty Round Robin- Original Outfits

Back in 2000, I was part of a paper doll Round Robin, where we were each to design outfits for dolls from Merrill's Pert and Pretty paper doll set. The original set is fantastic (I have the Shackman reprint- I've done some searching, and it appears that the reprint is no longer for sale), with nine dolls, all fancy-schmancy showgirls.

I don't remember exactly how the robin was supposed to work, and like many robins, it fizzled before it got very far. I think we uploaded our outfits online, rather than mailing them to each other, but I'm not sure. I have four of the dolls in my file, and outfits for three of them, so obviously, I never finished my portion either. But I thought you'd like to see them anyway. The dolls are from Merrill's Pert and Pretty set, the pages of outfits are my own designs (all done on the computer). I must have decided to do every-day clothes for the girls, rather than Show Costumes.


P.S. you can see the original cover, all of the dolls and some of the outfits here. Click *newer* for more pages

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Linda said...

You did a wonderful job with these outfits!