Monday, January 9, 2012

Leftover, and not so much

I've finished a couple more hats.
 The above hat was knitted with a single ball of leftover yarn. I love how the yarn striped all on its own, though I'm not so thrilled with the pooling up where the decreases start. The transition from the wider stripes to the narrow ones is a bit jarring. I think maybe I should have switched to plain black yarn for the decreases.  This one is going into the BT'oKT.
While this hat wasn't knit from leftover yarn, it's certainly a testament to why a Big Stash is not always a shameful thing. My grandson (the only boy in a veritable sea of girls) is a big Harry Potter fan. A Harry Potter fan whose feet seem to change size daily. I'm not knitting socks for him until his shoe size stabilizes a bit. But I still wanted to knit something for him, and so I came up with the notion of a Gryffindor hat. I had no deep red (the hat is a bit more burgundy than it looks in the scan) and not enough gold in the leftover bag for the project, so I broke my Leftover-Yarn-Only-Rule and rummaged around in the New Yarn Stash. This yarn is not *new* as in newly purchased, it's *new* as in never used. In fact, these particular yarns are easily 9 years old, from back when I bought yarn willy nilly, as protection against The Great Yarn Drought that never materialized.

So, my while my stash is still embarrassingly large, the upside is that when I needed deep red and gold sock yarn, I rummaged in the boxes and bins, and low and behold,  found deep red and gold sock yarn.

Yay me. And Yay for stashes!

And now I have deep red and gold yarn in the leftover bag.


Annmarie said...

I've really been admiring these hats! A nice basic pattern, and a nice variety of results.

Just because the Great Yarn Drought hasn't materialized yet, doesn't mean it isn't going to. But at least the Nook has helped me from buying more bookshelves as a bulwark against the coming Book Publication Prohibition. Someone needs to invent something similar for yarn storage. A yarn printer maybe?

Kathleen Taylor said...


Mary Keenan said...

I woke up this morning thinking of the 'black hole' display at the Science Centre, which features very shiny mesmerizing marbles swirling round and round a hole before (very) slowly getting sucked down. Where they keep swirling for a surprisingly long time. So I think the pooling at the top of that hat is perfect - it is like the part of the black hole where time seems to slow down!

Malerie said...

I love how the hat on top turned out. I'm a sucker for things like that. Things that were supposed to work differently but ended up looking amazing the way it happened. I love the pooling :)