Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pool Repair and Rehab Part 2

No actual repairs were made yesterday, but there was plenty of rehab.
 Most of the soap and water had been pumped out, but there were still stains on the vinyl floor.

 The Hub decided to try one last thing to get rid of the stains.

 Oh so very carefully, he pressure washed the pool floor. I say carefully because the pressure washer can blow paint off, and it could easily have torn a hole in the vinyl. But The Hub knows what he's doing, and the floor is now as clean as it's ever going to be.

Brushing the excess water toward the pump.

Oh, Pool Boy...

 Hand scooping the last of the dirty water into a bucket.
 The remaining dirt is loose, and it'll be picked up by the pool vacuum once everything is up and running.
 The Hub thinks that the hole repair will go better if there is some water in the pool to stabilize the sides, so the partial filling has begun. We have an Artesian well, and we fill the pool with well runoff (a pressure release for the well, this water generally runs down the hill to the creek). It runs about 5 gallons per minute. The pool holds 10,000 gallons. We put the hose in at about 2:30pm yesterday afternoon.
 By evening, the thunderheads were building up 75 miles away.
 This cell blew away from us, but others came through. We got rain, wind, and a lot of thunder.
This morning, there was maybe 8" of water in the pool (it takes a lot of water to fill out those sides). You may not be able to see it in this photo, but the #@$%# Grackles scoop up poop globs from their nests and then drop them into the pool. It happens every year, and evidently they don't need a full toilet.

Weather permitting and fate willing, today he'll tackle setting up the filter, and the patching.

Stay tuned.


Michele said...

We've never had an above-ground pool but did have an inground pool for a number of years. Many issues...I feel your pain (and your husband's, as my husband was always our "pool boy" also).
Also it was interesting to see your reference to the Hutterites. There is a new reality show (not sure which channel) that just started that is following a Hutterite colony in Montana (I think). Never heard of them before and find it fascinating.

Natalie Martinez Rush said...

That's a lot of work but hope it's done soon and you guys get to reap the rewards!