Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursday Tab- Merrill 3 Ice Skaters, #1552, 1956

Note, added in much later than the rest of the post: It wasn't until 9:45pm tonight that I finally realized that it's Wednesday and not Thursday... oh well, Happy Paper Doll Early!

I loved theme paper doll sets- ballerinas, skaters, Southern Belles, but I always hated that even the best sets didn't try to blend in the art with the perforations. I understood that the dolls couldn't have big, floofy skirts and still fit into their other outfits, but just chopping the ruffles off along the hip-line always bugged me. The rest of the doll is shaded and painted in the proper perspective, but the hips just sit there, all flat and weird. They look mutilated somehow. Also, I was always disappointed that the cover outfits were never reproduced inside, so once the doll was punched out, she could never wear that outfit again. Yeah, I know: wah wah wah

This set does it too, but it's still gorgeous, though I am sort of surprised that the ice skaters also go shopping, out on dates, and get married in their skates.

Thanks to Dottie for sharing.


Jan said...

Hi Kathy - do you think they skated up to the alter and got married on the ice? :) Thanks again for sharing... Jan

Corissia said...

The dress cropping always drives me crazy too. Such a shame to cut it off. Although, now we have color copiers....