Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Article- Winter '81 The Miniature Magazine, Mini Embroideries

I think I only did two articles for The Miniature Magazine- or at least there are only two issues in the box I'm going through (there are other tubs and boxes with magazines, most of them published a little later, and most of them less awful than the ones I'm posting now) (I hope).

This project is another one that would be okay now, with some color changes. Again, I made a color chart- man, I don't know how anyone used those b/w symbol charts. They make my eyes cross, and these things are my own designs. It was especially hard with this one because the symbols aren't lined up on the graph properly- I'm pretty sure that's not my fault. These teeny little framed pictures are kind of cool, though. I wonder what happened to them.

These samplers didn't rate color pages, so you'll have to imagine the colors.

And if you're wondering why there's no bottom border on the Home Sweet Home, or why the flowers are asymmetrical in the vase- beats the hell outta me. I'm just transcribing, not editing... heh...

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