Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Article- Crochet for Babies & Toddlers Spring '83, Padded Vest and Dolls

By 1983, I had several regular columns. One of them was in this House of White Birches quarterly magazine, Crochet for Babies & Toddlers, which was all about off-road explorations. I kid. It was edited by Camille Pomaco, an editor I worked with extensively during those years. I haven't heard from Camille in years- Camille, are you out there? 

Anyway, my Patchwork Padded Vest was a cover project, and in the realm of these horrible old designs, it's not so bad. Worked in different yarns, I think a little girl would not be horrified to be seen in it now. This design wasn't done for my regular column. 
It's really pretty simple to make, if I remember correctly- lots of squares sewn together and lightly stuffed, with a front zipper.

The vest was okay, but Melinda and Missy... not so much...
 By '83, the HWB titles were still printed on pulp paper, but they had more interior color pages. My regular column in this magazine was called Taylor Made for Tots (there was lots of playing on the word *Taylor* in my regular columns...). I designed some sort of crochet project for each issue for years. This one was a pair of dolls... dolls with ruffled panties... crocheted ruffles...

I really liked drawing the illustrations for the magazines.

If you want to print these out, download the pages and print them from your computer. If you want to crochet those dolls... well, there's nothing I can do to help you....

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