Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Article- Summer '82 The Miniature Magazine- Bedroom Ensemble

Though The Miniature Magazine featured how-to projects here and there, it was primarily a magazine for miniature enthusiasts. I think I only sold them one or two articles, but I really do love doll houses and would still love to have one.

This set actually holds up pretty well, style-wise: change the colors and you're good to go. And since I don't know how anyone ever followed hand-drawn black and white symbol charts, I redid the charts in color. As always, download the pages to your computer, and print them from there if you're so inclined.


twoknitwit said...

holy cow, you were all over the place with your crafting interests!

needlepoint is my first love and I really like the charts you did ~ I may have to use those for something!

thanks! Melissa

Kathleen Taylor said...

Melissa, I'm not sure there were any craft types that I didn't write about at one point or another- maybe macrame. And sculpting. But otherwise, I tried just about everything.