Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Scenery

I am never going to get caught up, plus I'm leaving tomorrow for another short trip that will probably involve no internet access... My life, one adventure after another.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some scenery pictures because Northwestern New Jersey specializes in amazing scenery. I was not able to catch shots of the winding roads, the tall trees covering the roads, the stone farm houses and barns, or the hex symbols painted on some of the wooden barns. But I did get pics of the camp ground, and man, it was beautiful. (It was also humid- something I was not expecting. Yarn dyed on Saturday did not dry until I got home on Monday... that kind of damp).

 This was the view from the lodge dining room deck. Not bad, eh?
 This is the lodge deck.
 The leaves changed as I watched.
 Pretty little wild flowers.
 Changing leaves.
 Leaf strewn paths.
 Stone fireplace on the lodge.
 Common area of the lodge (the next morning, it was filled with spinning wheels).
 Tall skinny trees.
 Lichen! (or Moss!)
 It rained a little.
 More changing leaves.
 My cabin.
 Old cabins from the camp.
 Mossy rock!
 Acron cap!
Foggy morning on the lake.

If I can, I'll post more before we leave tomorrow.


LJ Roberts said...

Thank you, Kathi. I do miss that area. You're picture of tall, skinny trees is the way our backyard there looked, right down to the birch trees. It's a lovely reminder of what used to be home.

Kathleen Taylor said...

It really was truly beautiful there- I loved visiting that area and hope to go back again.