Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Tab- Whitman Malibu Francie, Boxed Set, 1976

I collected mostly uncut paper doll books, but I do have a few boxed sets. As a kid, I thought boxed sets were nice- you had a handy carry-all for the cut (or punched) clothes, the dolls were heavy and much more sturdy than the ones you cut (or punched) from the book covers, and you always got that little pastel plastic circle dealie with the 4 bumps, that was the doll stand, though it usually ended up on the floor, stepped on and broken.
This Malibu Francie boxed set, from 1976, is fun- such awful clothes in such terrible colors and fabrics. You gotta laugh (or if you remember wearing stuff that looked exactly like that, maybe weep a bit too). Did we really sport so many jaunty neck things in the 70's? (on the other hand, I saw a green skirt, very much like that long flowered one, on the sale rack at Christopher & Banks on Tuesday, so the 00's can't laugh too much).


joannamauselina said...

That skirt is cool! I have one just like it! But it isn't green - it's red. Worse yet!

Jan said...

Thank you once again Kathleen! I wore one of those long "grannie" dresses in HS - yuck!
:-) Jan