Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching my breath

It's been lovely and busy and noisy here, leaving not a minute for blogging. But I'm stealing a few moments while the grandkids nap, to catch up on things.

Not that there's a lot of catching to do. The Hard Lemonade was sweetened with assorted juice drink concentrates (Lemonade, Limeade, Fruit Punch, Apple Strawberry), which turned 3 gallons of fermented lemonade into 4 gallons of freezer-ready slush with a pretty potent kick. We had some on Christmas Eve (a couple of scoops of slush, topped with whatever pop or mixer you like- orange juice, champagne, water, anything) and yowza!

The Merlot finished bubbling, and had an SG of .098 this morning, so I added the sulfite and Sparkolloid (clarifier) and now we just have to wait for the sediment to settle out for bottling (a month or so, with a racking or two in between).

I ate more carbs in the last 3 days than in the last year, but I'm getting back on track again. I hit the treadmill this morning and picked up with the Librivox recording of Pride and Prejudice- Lizzy has just read Mr. Darcy's letter explaning Mr. Wickham's perfidy. Things are heating up...

And I have done a little knitting. This sock, made with Yarn Treehouse (link in Stash Enhancers) multicolored worsted weight wool (size 5 needles, 48 sts)- I can't remember the colorway, but I love how the shades blend into each other. I doubt I'll be able to make a matching pair (same yarn, but the stripes and colors aren't going to match up at all). I'm doing a different Aunt Helen Variation Variation (heh) for the texture (works with any even number of sts):

Rnd 1: *YO, K 2, pass the YO over the 2 K sts, K 2*, rep around
Rnd 2: K
Rnd 3: *K 2, YO, K 2, pass the YO over the 2 K sts*, rep around
Rnd 4: K

I like staggering the YO's- they show up well. This is a nice utility wool yarn, and very reasonably priced, and Yarn Treehouse ships very quickly. They have a lovely variety of weights and colors. Check 'em out.

I hope everyone's Holiday Week continues to be wonderful!

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