Sunday, December 7, 2008

Socks for Miss Picky Feet

This might be the most beautiful Twisted Fiber Arts yarn yet. It's Kabam- a wonderfully soft wool/bamboo blend (superwash, to boot), dyed in the Minstrel colorway, with softly fading raspberry, gold and green, with a coordinating mottled green for the ribbing, heel, and toe. The scan catches the colors pretty well, but you can't see the lovely sheen, the soft heathering, or how soft this yarn is. If these socks are still too itchy for her, then I will give up- I'm not knitting cashmere socks for a 7 year old. (and just so you'll know, she's not being purposely-picky, even as a baby she hated tags at the neckline, and seams in socks. She asks for socks every time she sees me knittng them, but so far, just can't wear them).

I don't know if I have mentioned that we occasionally make wine. We go in cycles, and we've been in a no-wine cycle for a couple of years, with a 5 gallon carboy of rhubarb wine ready to bottle since '06 (ageing in the carboy is just fine, as long as it's airtight). We're going to bottle it this afternoon, and probably start a riesling batch. I'll take pics and post them tomorrow.

Oh- just for fun, say this outloud 3 times: Irish Wristwatch

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