Monday, December 15, 2008

Monkey and a Half

As the wind howled last evening, I got as far as the heel on the Monkey Mate. I do love this pattern, but I'm ready to knit something else when these socks are finished. Pattern mods: short row heel, and star toe.

The Great Snow Rearranger blew all night, but by morning the wind had died,and we could again see further than 20'. I am so glad that my husband talked me into buying a Carhartt jacket in the fall (back when it seemed like it would never get this cold)- it does a fantastic job of keeping the wind out. And my 20 year old Sorell boots still work their magic. And I know this because we had to go into town during the worst of the storm. Not that this dry powder is any good for snowmen, but I think I need some snow pants too. Just in case we get a fat, wet snowfall.

It's -15 (F) at the moment, but with no wind, and a bright (very bright) sun, it feels a great deal warmer than yesterday's -5. I'd say we got about 6" of new snow, though it's hard to tell out in the country, what with it being piled up here and scraped bare there. This is going to be an interesting winter, not as interesting as the Winter of '97 (when we had a full out blizzard every week from November through April), but more interesting than the shirtsleeve winters we've been used to lately. Good thing I have a lot of yarn on hand to keep me busy. Oh wait, maybe I don't have enough, and should buy more. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Anonymous said...

It was soooooo very, very COLD yesterday. We had wind chills of -31. But we only got 2/10 of an inch of snow overnight. Nice and Sunny today. But still FREEZING COLD!!!

Karen said...

"Too much"?? Nevah!!
And I love your Monkeys! They're fantastic in that colour.

joannamauselina said...

This post reminds me of your Tory Bauer novel, "Cold Front", which I enjoyed recently. I think it is cold here, and it is a toasty (by comparison) 29.

Cara said...

Definitely buy more! Better to be safe than sorry! :)

Samtal från min trädgård said...

It sounds lika swedish weather a couple of weeks ago, lots of clothes if you have to go out, if not a lot of yarn to knit!