Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have the final copy edits of 3 chapters to go over this morning, but before I buckle down, here are some odds and ends:

Paper Doll Alert (Not that magnetic dolls, which have no paper, except maybe for the top surface, are actual paper dolls, but you know what I mean): Target's dollar section has 2 adorable Hello Kitty holiday magnetic dolls, with a couple of outfit variations apiece. There have been other Hello Kitty sets for a buck there, so maybe this is going to be an ongoing series. I hope so. At $1@, you can get them for all of the paper doll kids you know (including yourself).

Magnetic Boy Toy Alert (not that girls can't play with them too): Target's dollar section also has 2 magnetic scenes from the movie Cars. One has parts and accessories to decorate a race car. The other has a racetrack and assorted cars to race. I picked up a few of them as well.

My World This Morning: We got a couple inches of snow last night, and it's about 12 degrees with below zero wind chills. But the sun shining through the trees was very pretty, and every small child I know asks to ice skate on the winterized pool (we left the cover off because we thought that the heavy snow might be worse than leaving it open) (and the answer is always: no).

Monkey Socks: Finished!

Handspun Hats: Also finished, until I decide I need to knit more. These all have to go in the mail this week. They go to people from age 4-50. It's a good generic style (with or without rolled brims, which I have, on good authority, are Not Cool)(sigh).

okay, now I have to get to work.

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DrLeonesse said...


Thank you SO much for your suggestion. I zipped right down to Target and picked up sets of the magnetic paperdolls and papercars(??!) to fill my grands' stockings. They are beyond cute.